Strong Start Tucson

Our Community Is Ready

The Strong Start Tucson (SST) model builds on the success of publicly-supported models in Denver, West Sacramento and San Antonio, where a sales tax supports access to quality early education. Strong Start Tucson - Affordable, High Quality Preschool 1-page Overview

15 Reasons to Vote YES on Prop 204

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SST Scholarships differ from ESA Vouchers -SST scholarships level the playing field, help public schools, support only high quality preschool with built in standards for fiscal accountability.

  • Universal Access - will be voluntary and open for children who have not entered Kindergarten. Priority is given to children 3-5 years old. Scholarships are based on income and family size

  • Parental Choice - Parents choose high-quality providers based on what makes sense for their family

  • Provider Participation - Only high-quality early childhood education programs/preschools are eligible to be providers. Programs receive quality improvement assistance.

  • High Quality Early Education Objective- Third-party quality measurements ensure program quality. Model includes strategic development for more quality preschool options in high-need areas.

  • Oversight and Accountability - A Board of Commissioners will be appointed in consultation with early childhood experts. The Board develops and enforces rules and reports to the public on program results.

  • Efficient Administration - A qualified nonprofit agency will be selected to administer the program. Administration implements agency contracts with quality early childhood education programs/ preschools and oversees family scholarships


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