The Key to School Success Happens Before Kindergarten

At what age should school begin?  Most people in our country would likely answer at the time of Kindergarten, at age five or six.  American states and cities generally agree that tax dollars should be collected to fund school from Kindergarten to High School, although the level of tax dollars allocated for education are certainly far too low.

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Strengthening Our Investment in Families

As you keep reading on our website, it's not just great people in Tucson who are talking about the value of high quality preschool.  Please read what Rachel Schumacher, Director of the Washington DC Office of Child Care, recently wrote about their efforts to support working families while growing the national economy......

Rachel Schumacher, Director of the Office of Child Care

In the Office of Child Care (OCC), we know that investing in expanding access to affordable, high-quality child care not only supports the economic stability of low-income working families but also grows our national economy overall.

We also know that it is difficult for many families to pay for high-quality child care. Too many parents still struggle with a choice between the economic security of work and the security of knowing their children are in a safe and nurturing child care setting. Although the median income for families in this country is just over $55,000 a year, the average cost of infant child care is $10,000 a year—a price that rivals in-state college tuition in the majority of states in the country. This is an equation that’s not working for the future of families, employers, or our Nation’s economy as whole.

We’re excited to join the U.S. Department of Labor to kick off a national conversation about how we can further strengthen our investment in working families and child care. Our partnership is helping us highlight links among our national economic security, family employment, and affordable access to high-quality child care. We hope you will share your story and tell us what affordable child care means to you.

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Local Voters Pass Preschool Initiatives in Ohio!

Voters in Cincinnati and Dayton passed separate initiatives on election day expanding access to preschool in their communities.  Cincinnati residents voted to increase property taxes to ensure 6000 additional 3 and 4-year-old children will benefit from preschool.  Voters in Dayton increased income taxes to fund preschool for all 4-year-olds in their community.

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What's This Talk About Quality? Does it REALLY Make a Difference?

People are talking about early childhood education.  We’ve heard about it from both presidential candidates.  We’ve heard President Obama discuss it.  Most talk about the high cost of preschool and that preschool must be affordable for families.

Do you know who else has been talking about it? 

Rob Grunewald

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Thinking About Strong Start Tucson

When I think about Strong Start Tucson I get excited.  I get excited because Strong Start Tucson will make a difference, not just in the lives of individual children but in the community – today, tomorrow and long into the future.  I get excited because the idea of high quality preschool for all children is not something we just came up with.  I get excited because we know from research done by economists, educators and others that high quality preschool makes a measureable impact in eliminating poverty, ensuring children are successful in kindergarten, increasing high school graduation rates and even ensuring adults are employed and in committed relationships.


Never before have I worked on a project that will impact the community and our education system the way Strong Start Tucson will.  I feel privileged to work on such a project and feel honored to work with the leadership team of Strong Start Tucson.  As you learn more about SST you will learn how we studied other communities and their successes with accessible high quality preschool.  You will learn how we will build on the current early childhood system to wisely use tax revenue and, most importantly, you will learn all the benefits of a high quality early childhood system in Tucson.


Please help us as we share our vision for Tucson.  Let this become your vision for the community in which you live – a community where we work together to offer high quality preschool experiences to all children.

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