Message from SST Chair, Penelope Jacks

 Dear Strong Start Tucson friends,

As this eventful year draws to an end, Strong Start Tucson wants to thank you for your help, enthusiasm, money, and time supporting providing Tucson’s kids with the opportunity to attend high-quality preschool.

Here is just a quick update of our recent activities:

*Filed our Strong Start Tucson petition (hurray!)

*Hosted a fantastically successful kickoff at Make Way for Books (lots of you came; thanks!)

*Provided training for signature gatherers (more to come, if you missed it)

*Began collecting signatures (lots more to do; we need all the volunteers we can get.)

*Established a growing social media presence (like us and share on Facebook, please.)

*Gave print and radio interviews (see the pressroom tab on the website)

*Met with multiple funders and raised a bunch of money (need lots more!)

*Gave many speeches and presentations to a wide variety of community, faith-based, advocacy, and labor groups, as well as preschool providers, and have received terrific responses (invite us to your organization)

*Received endorsements from a wide variety of individuals and organizations (still seeking more; see the list on the website.)

There is more detail about all these topics on our website , so have a look.

We are together on a grand journey that will have ups and downs, bumps and thrills. We’ll keep you posted as events develop. In the meantime, please know that we enormously appreciate your commitment to Tucson’s children.  Thank you, friends of Strong Start Tucson and Tucson’s children.

Let every child shine, 

Penelope Jacks, Campaign Committee Chair