Something we can all agree on….Voters united around quality Early Childhood Education

I can often be a political junkie and stay very connected to the conversations in Washington. However this year it has been hard to stay connected and encouraged when everything seems so polarized and motivated by fear, hate and party success at the expense of what is good for America, and what is good for our children and families.

So I was happy to read some positive news – The First Five Years Fund’s 2017 national bipartisan poll found that all political parties agree on the importance of quality early childhood education and making it a priority... 

So during a time when we don’t seem to agree on much we should shift our focus and make quality early education more affordable.

 89% of voters support this priority and it transcends party lines.

  • 82% of Republicans
  • 85% of Independents
  • 97% of Democrats

Small pockets of communities across the country are starting to address this issue with local initiatives. Tucson is moving forward with Strong Start Tucson a ballot initiative to increase access for all 3 and 4 year old children to high quality early education. We understand how this will set up our children for academic success in elementary schools and improve our future workforce. Early childhood education for low-income children is an effective way to promote upward mobility that pays off for children, families and communities.

Susie Huhn
CEO Casa de los Niños